Video: Cannabis for Cancer

I made this video to demonstrate what legalizing cannabis means to me.
I’ve lost so many due to the ineffectiveness or harm of synthetic drugs.
There is a natural remedy for many ailments called “cannabis”.  It is an ancient herb that has been used by mankind for thousands of years, and there is no record of an overdose yet.
Cannabis is safe and effective medicine. 
My video is dedicated to the loved ones that I’ve lost, who could have benefited from cannabis research and treatment if only it were legalized and properly researched.


Please visit our group “Cannabis for Cancer”  Sign up, make a difference with your collective voices!

For reference:

My dad hadn’t consumed marijuana since he was in the military when he was a young adult more than 40 years ago.   My dad became religious and refused to use cannabis based on his religious vows, since cannabis was illegal in his state.  🙁   I wanted so bad for him to find relief.  He hurt so bad!
He told me that had it been legal, that he would try it.  He was willing to try just about anything legal.  

I respect his steadfast and honorable dedication to his country and to the laws of the land.  Even if the laws are ridicules, he tried to honor all of the laws in the land, and be a good citizen.  

But he wasn’t stupid, he knew pot wasn’t evil!

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