Visit Hempsterdam and xCannabis at Hempfest

xCannabis got a spot at HempFest thanks to the xCann team we pulled together enough money to rent the spot, buy 10,000 full color UV coated flyers and we will have luxury accommodations sleeping in the back of my Dodge Durrango  (2 adults 2 kids).

Kimi my wife is making some patchwork clothing and accessories from scratch.  We have some awesome fabric and some great designs.

(see samples here)

We may have a raffle too.   We have had some prizes from other contests that were never won just laying around, so we may have a raffle on some grow equipment and a skateboard.   If we do this, we will send the prizes to whoever wins via UPS after we announce the winners on August 20th.  This raffle will help xCannabis with advertising for the months to come.

Be sure to check us out.  Below are the maps to where we will be.
I owe the graphical map to HempFest, and the Satellite map to Google.  Thanks!

xCannabis at HempFest  blanket #24 by Hempsterdam
xCannabis at HempFest blanket #24 by Hempsterdam

Click here for the Google map of this location in Elliot Bay Park (north/west of Myrtle Edwards park)

xCannabis at Hempfest in Hempsterdam
xCannabis at Hempfest in Hempsterdam

See this link for more information:

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