Vote YES on Prop 19! Legalize Marijuana 2010

I am not currently a California resident, but I own property in California, and I grew up there off and on.
We will be moving back to Cali within the next 12 months, and this is partially why.  Prop 19 baby!

Proposition 19 offers more freedom to more people for using cannabis.

In my video I describe how I don’t believe Prop 19 effects medical marijuana, and how local municipalities are already taxing and regulating medical marijuana.

I think it’s a shame that only less than 100,000 Californians get to enjoy legal marijuana, but millions of others are at risk of getting a cannabis crime (drug crime) on their record, which would make life much more difficult for most.  (jobs, school, military service can all be interfered with by having a drug crime on your record).

It is time we START to restore freedom with Prop 19, and it is important to amend this law to make it less restrictive in the future.

Please see my video blog.

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