We made the blog roll at the NORML stash! Thanks Russ!

I had an emotional moment today, when I learned that Russ added xCannabis.com to his blog roll today.  Here is the outburst that followed in the Fresh Stash.

Russ, Adam, all you kick ass stashes!  I love you!  I just had to say that!

Listen, my 16 year old brother died from a bad side effect of 2 presciption meds he was taking for anxiety, and depression.  16, dead.   He loved to smoke cannabis, but being a Utah Mormon had many consiquences socially.   The social atmosphere in Utah made him feel worse being a pot head, because it was so looked down on.
Little does most of the Utah community know how much safer marijuana is compared to prescription medication, alcohol, or tobacco.

When he died, I felt aweful for not smoking a joint with him, when he offered me to have a session.  Im his older brother.  I was the first one to smoke him out, and the last person to turn him down. 

It has haunted me ever since.  I am so happy to be a part of legalizing marijuana, and making it less of a social stigma like it is in places as conservative (trying to be nice) as Utah.

My dream with being a part of this, is to save other kids from suffering like my brother did.

Utah uses twice the national average of prescription medication.  Has one of the least population of pot smokers.  And ironically has the highest teen suicide rates in the nation.





I have a heart for patients.  My grandmother and my father have died from cancer.  Watching them suffer, and knowing what cannabis could have done for them..

This this topic for more information on that:  http://xcannabis.com/2008/10/utah-vs-marijuana/ 

All of these things make me feel so strong about being a part of this.

Russ, thank you for making xCannabis.com a part of the blog roll!

And you’re right!  You’re job is WAY more than I am suited for!   I love the daily audio stash, and I am so damn happy that there is a rational voice on the radio, even if via podcast who can speak intelligently on this subject.  That man is you, and I am proud to know you Russ!

Stashers!  This can’t happen without folks like us!  Thanks for all you do!

BTW- Will everyone raise more awareness for our friend Mark Emery!  Put personal considerations aside, and lets stand up and defend another freedom fighter of like mind! www.cannabisculture.com.  His new hearing is in June.  It’s coming up soon.  All you Canadians AND Americans write your reps!!!

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