We need to stop the infighting. Debate ideas and stop attacking other activists

We need to stop the infighting.  Debate ideas and stop attacking other activists!

Example of internet bullying over I-502


For a long time I have saw silly divisions come up and major arguments break out over one topic or another.  When it starts hurting instead of helping the movement is when people start launching personal attacks.   The issues surrounding I-502 in Washington state is a shining example of this negative type of discussion.
I honestly think a healthy discussion, and even a major disagreement CAN be positive, but when the argument ignites a fire of personal attacks, that is when it’s time to reassess the situation and change up.

I also spoke about some of the changes going on at  www.xCannabis.com  check back for more of that to come.  We have just redesigned the layout of the site, and soon we will be re categorizing the site to make it easier to browse through the archives.

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Video that I made in response to Radical Russ in August 2011 on I-502

Stoners Against Legalization or Voters Against New Penalties

I502 Presentation Seattle Channel – Washington Legalization Initiative – or is it?

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