We need to stop the infighting in the Cannabis community

I have been involved in getting signatures for cannabis initiatives since 1997, and I have been very blessed to meet some wonderful, passionate, dedicated and creative freedom activists.  While I don’t get along with everyone I think it is amazing how many varieties or people and ideas are out there in favor of cannabis, hemp, marijuana etc..   It doesn’t matter what name you call it, it matters when we work for freedom and liberty.

I recently had a disagreement with a recent friend who I have done a lot of radio shows with, and someone who I admire in many ways.  We disconnected on facebook, and engaged in some internet exchanges that quite honestly embarrass me that I took part in to begin with.  Mr  Ray Christl while I thought had a lot to contribute, started disrespecting me and other activists for opposing the new penalties in I-502.  So I disconnected from Ray, and thought I would back off.  Thinking it was over with, and that we had moved on from such a silly disagreement.   I tuned in to Time 4 Hemp tonight to hear more of this contention from Ray, when he insults long time freedom activist Ed Rosenthal about the same topic.

He continues to go on about how opposing I-502 is “logical fallacy”.

After hearing the same thing from Ray many times, I made a video in which I didn’t insult him, or even personally mention Ray.  But I made a video to address the logical fallacy in supporting i-502.  I think leaving the emotional rage and contention out of the debate, and to focus on issues and not personalities is the best way to address these issues without dividing the community.

But after hearing more of this infighting I thought I would make an example that I think works better, and compare these two techniques.

This is my video addressing this issue of “logical fallacy” of I-502’s purpose and the blowback that will come from this initiative.  (3/8/2012)

This is the emotional approach to addressing this issue.  (Fortunately Casper curbed this fight that was about to take place).


03/22/2012    Thursday – Joint-Host, Paul Stanford, founder of http://www.hemp.org with guests Tim Selenski, founder of http://www.HeadShopCanada.com and Ray Christl
Now Ray Christl, while I still respect him, he puts a lot of emphasis on me for being a Christian, and seems to be implying that I oppose I-502 because I consider Jesus my Lord and savior.   But I have to state clearly, that I-502 is the first “legalization” initiative that I have opposed.  I even supported the controversial Prop19.   So the emotional strategy of hurting people’s feelings in hopes to spark something positive in my opinion is a ‘logical fallacy’.

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