We sold our first skate deck!

Right now is exciting times for us.  We have sold multiple point of sales systems, and that has allowed us to open a business.
Also before we have even made any new products, we found out that we got a sale today on the demo that we had at Pegasus Book Store in Pocatello Idaho!   We had some really expensive demos made, while we were getting our screen printing business setup.  And while we didn’t make any money off the sale of this deck, it was a great feeling to have sold our first skate deck ever!

Thanks to Pegasus Book Store for featuring our deck in your display, more decks are on the way!  We love you!

These our the decks that we have available at this time.

THC Skate Deck xCannabis

See video of our first deck the “Icky Sticky Grippy”

Contact Ryan @ xCannabis for information on our decks if you are interested in a single or bulk purchase.  We have great wholesale rates available now.  New product will be available on March 10th at our new location:

9423 North Division
Spokane, WA 99201

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