What are spiritual beliefs compared to religious beliefs

I have a particularly difficult time with people who think belief in God automatically means a membership with a religion.

I have to correct this totally unreasonable belief.

When I was a kid I was brought up in a religion, the same religion that most of my family had been members of for many generations.

At an early age I rejected that religion and instead I embraced agnosticism.

After many years of soul searching I found that faith traditions from all over the world essentially was teaching about the same creator.  Upon further research I found that intelligent design in fact made a lot more logical sense than randomness.

I have studied Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity mostly, but I have recently started studying Islam as well.  As a general rule of my upbringing, I learned about the spirit of the earth and native American beliefs, as this was something that my father taught me.

The connection to all of these beliefs is not religion however.  It is a common connection to the creator.

I have explained this many times.  Although it seems that many people can’t grasp how someone can believe in a creator but not a religion.  For me it’s easy.
In fact, I don’t think that Jesus taught of a religion either.  It seems like he was teaching more of a “relationship” with God.

This is a video I made in 2009.


I made several other videos about faith and God on my youtube channel.


This is another video that I made to explain how I believe in regards to the human/creator relationship;



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