What are the facts about the controlled substances act?

In response to the blog post on the Seattle Weekly, June 9th 2011 in regards to the petition to the Washington State board of pharmacy about rescheduling cannabis:

For the fifth consecutive year, Washington’s Board of Pharmacy has denied a petition to reconsider marijuana’s status as a Schedule I controlled substance.


Here are the facts regardless of how the cops feel, or the cannabis consumers feel.

When cannabis is in ANY other schedule than schedule I, big pharma are the only ones that legally control that industry.

If you look at any of the drugs in schedule II, III, IV, V they are all made by big pharma, and sold by licensed pharmacists with DEA registrations on each prescription.

If cannabis is removed from the controlled substances act, the DEA and cops can’t have their hands on it any more. But if it is still on the controlled substances act, big pharma has control of the industry. The DEA controls the laws and regulations, and people STILL go to jail.

In fact when I served 8 months in jail for possession of cannabis, my cell mate was in jail for illegal possession of Oxycontin.

Rescheduling doesn’t stop people from going to jail.
Regardless that it is “legal”. The cops and the prohibitionists still win if it is in ANY schedule on the controlled substances act. No ifs.

If cannabis is controlled they still tell us:

1. Who can have it
2. When they can have it
3. Why they can have it.
4. How much of it they can have.
5. Where they can possess it and use it
ect, etc, etc

And, as a bonus if it is controlled like other drugs in the controlled substances act, they (the government and the prohibitionists) get big kick downs from big pharma, which will give them MORE incentive to KEEP it controlled.

I do not agree with consenting to prohibition. And rescheduling cannabis is just that, MORE prohibition.

Here is what scheduling defines:
Schedule II
Schedule III
Schedule IV
Schedule V

Here is a video that I did on the subject of rescheduling:

Here is how medical marijuana have NOT saved people from being arrested as we see a 3 fold increase in arrests for marijuana since MMJ laws were initiated.


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