What are your thoughts on a Mayan Calendar type of event?

Theory: If a state or something similar takes over control of the public internet.

Resolution: We create a public/private wi-fi system (certainly we have to think far ahead on this one) FON is a nice concept, and widely used: http://corp.fon.com/us/


Then we increase measures of anonymity with such technology like the TOR Project. https://www.torproject.org/about/torusers.html.en


At very least we can keep our internet communications up.

Thinking ahead is key.   Solar powered routers?  Wind powered backup?


If for example there was an asteroid that hit the earth, which is just as plausible as a government conspiracy. We would want to prepare for months with no sun. Wind is a plausible alternative.

If you need housing, either for yourself or your equipment, we have made our own temp/perm structures out of geodesic shapes.  We used 3/4″ EMT conduit for the project at this link, our plans, photos and videos are there to document the process.

Building a dome home at home | Sensi Life Community News

This video is of our indoor garden for organic vegetables.   I sort of go through some instructional tips on how you can raise your own food at home (and plenty of it)!


To go even further, this is a concept on creating a digital currency (fiat, or commodity based, its up to you), in replacement for current options in the event of a currency crisis (like Greece):


What are your thoughts on a Mayan Calendar type of event?

Do you think the USA economy will survive the current stress and mismanagement?

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