What’s in the name?

What is in the name X Cannabis?

What is the “X” in xCannabis.com?

Originally I wanted to do a website that reaches out to Christians. I am a devout believer in Jesus Christ, and recently I was rebuked by another pastor who told me that he was concerned about my salvation based on my support for Cannabis legalization.
So a few days later I made a video titled “Religion and Cannabis” in response.
A week after that I started searching out a domain for reaching out even further with this message.

So that is when I came upon XCannabis.com. It is similar to xmas, etc.
But I have given it thought and prayer and after a lot of consideration my overall goal is to reach everyone with my messages, not just Christian folks.

So I have came to a realization that xCannabis.com is like this.

X = times, or multiplication. xCannabis means to multiply… Awareness, the plant itself, and legalization. To multiply is the overall goal.

Thanks for your interest!

Be blessed!

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