What’s wrong with the USA chocolate or silver?

The question of ” What’s wrong with the USA chocolate or silver? ” was recently answered for me today, when I watched a video that Mark Dice made, when he went to the street with a handful of chocolate bars and a 10 oz bar of silver worth about $150 in current silver spot prices.

I was astonished that he got rid of a stack of chocolate bars, but was left standing with a 10 oz bar of silver.

It was amazing even more so, because he was standing outside a coin store, that he offered to verify for at least one of the “winners” that the silver was real.


silver or chocolate
silver or chocolate

Yet the people were so much more interested with the instant gratification of getting their chocolate bar, that they neglected to realize that they could have taken that silver, cashed it in at the coin store that was in the same parking lot, and then went across the street to the convenience store and bought 100 of those chocolate bars with the money that they got from cashing in the silver.   Within 5 minutes of making the choice to take one of the two items, had they made the right choice, they would have had enough money to make a car payment, or buy a nice gift for their sweetheart, or a million other useful things.

But this society is so indulgent that the instant gratification of taking a chocolate bar that they could eat RIGHT NOW, was far more interesting than taking the $150 worth of silver, that would have taken them 5 minutes to cash in for far more value.

And this is why socialists like Obama, or Bernie Sanders, and others have a far better chance of winning a presidential election than someone like Ron Paul.

Even though Ron Paul’s methods and policies would take a little more effort, and possibly a little more initial sacrifice, the end result would be much more prosperous, and the long term benefits would be far greater than the instant gratification of taking free handouts from socialists, that will in the end hurt our country the most.

So at the end, what was incredibly frustrating, is that I tried to share this with my group on facebook @xcannabis, and I got a message about the content not being “safe”.
The content was uploaded to facebook, it was not a 3rd party video, and it was not “adult” or “dangerous” content.  It was about chocolate and silver!

Here is the message that I got on facebook about this ‘dangerous’ content.   What’s wrong with the USA, chocolate or silver?

Banned Facebook Unsafe chocolate video
Banned Facebook Unsafe chocolate video

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