When the rich influence politics how do we take back what is ours?

The ultra rich in this country which only make up roughly 1% (one percent) of our population have a lot of tricks up their sleeve in order to continue to retain their wealth and pass it along to future generations of their family.
Even though they do not make up a significant portion of our population their influence is great.  They have lobbyists, lawyers, and money, and these are only the tools that we see.

If you look at how they influence our politicians, a lot of it is public knowledge but we don’t see it for what it is.  At the center of most every government scandal or controversy is a billionaire.  Take the Iran Contra Affair, or the Iraq war, or most of the international trade agreements in the world.  These things are all controlled by billionaires who further their own interests, but do nothing in regards to actually helping the world in general.

The drug war is one of the most secretive scandals in our country as it takes a very sensitive topic, which is drug sales, drug abuse and organized crime, and sensationalizes a drug war which in 70 years has been unsuccessful.

If you look at the major players in the drug war, it’s obvious what is going on here.  One just has to “follow the money”.

A few of the players in this war are:

  • Private prison companies
  • Competing drugs like tobacco and alcohol  (sponsor of Drug Free America)
  • Police unions

Lets mostly look at the role of private prisons in this country;

“It is, of course, in these private prisons’ economic interests to see more people in prison serving longer sentences. And with current facilities bursting at the seams, times for this burgeoning industry are good. The country’s largest private prison provider, the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), spent more than $2.7 million from 2006 through September 2008 on lobbying for stricter laws. Last year alone, the company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, generated $133 million in net income.”

The drug war has long since failed.  No one is using less drugs than when they started it and in fact drug abuse has taken a 2 fold increase as a very conservative estimate.  While in comparison we see places that have practically legalized the use of most drugs, like the Netherlands and Portugal and they are seeing decreased usage (less than half that of the USA) and they are now in the process of closing prisons in their country.
Ref:  http://vorige.nrc.nl/international/article2246821.ece/Netherlands_to_close_prisons_for_lack_of_criminals

Of course these private prisons who are seeing profits of 113 million each year, they certainly don’t want to see their prisons close.
So they lobby for mandatory minimums.

So what is our recourse, how do we possibly regain our rights back?   Should we hire lobbyists like the rich folks do?   Or won’t they just be bought out by people who have more money?   Should we vote in a new set of officials?  Or will they just be lobbied by the big money?  Have you got 2.7 million dollars like the prison industry does to spend on lobbying?
Or should we go for more direct representation?

I go for the more direct representation and I am all in for the National Initiative for Democracy.   www.NI4d.us

Please watch this video to get more information on what its all aboutAlso please watch the move One Percent by Jamie Johnson if you want to know how the rich bypass the typical democratic policy to make new laws, or bypass old ones so that they can make more money.

This is a clip from One Percent:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uBOXVEmcD4&t=4m35s

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