When you can’t get heard

I have went through a dry spell in the beginning of my campaign to legalize marijuana for responsible adult usage.

No matter how many magazines, newspapers, and television stations that I write, I have had little media for my protesting in Idaho and Utah.

I know that there are many people who want to stand up, and speak out but out of fear of losing their job or more, they don’t.
And for those who do, big round of bong hits to you!

So with all of the many attempts to get the conversation going in South East Idaho, only the Idaho State Journal, and the blog Idaho Falls Today have covered any of this.   Channel 8 news apparently covered a different protest in Idaho Falls on 4/20, but I had to cover my own.

So I have been looking for a way to get a cable access talk show about pot.  Tonight Russ Belville (aka Radical Russ) from the NORML Daily Audio stash sent out a message that he was on a webcast.  So I checked it out, it was a wonderful forum of conversation  on the topic of marijuana.  It’s amazing to see what is happening in Oregon and around the nation!

Here is that show.  http://stash.norml.org/see-me-live-right-now-on-cannabis-common-sense/

This show is broadcast on the internet via  www.ustream.com

If anyone ever wanted to do a public access type of show, check this media medium out, it’s free!

We will be using this on xCannabis, look for our streaming videos and radio.

xTube @ xCannabis

From the last broadcast:


Every Saturday at 4pm until 6pm, xCannabis will be starting it’s first streaming vlogcast.   It will be awkward, but fun.  I will call it  “Ryan of Zion”   Reggae music and Cannabis praise.

xCannabis is looking for more casters, whether it’s music, talk, activism, ect..   Let me know what you have in mind.

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