House Rules for xCannabis meetings

I think there should be ground rules when you come into someone’s house.
I have been through this in the past at our volunteer meetings, and I will go over it again.
We have meetings in Spokane at 1312 North Monroe St. where volunteers can come pick up petitions, and volunteer to help and learn about whats going on in Washington relating to cannabis law reform.
There are several things that I have become irritated with as I continue to get complaints.
The main thing is, when we get on a particular topic we continue to have interruptions mainly from just one person.
Tonight we were playing video from the recent Ways and Means committee on HB 1550.

To illustrate what the government is saying about Sensible Washington legalizing via a people’s initiative.  In this case there were other points of interruption as well.  But the reason that we were playing the HB 1550 question is because a few people in attendance wanted to know what would happen if we just decided to do nothing.
I played them the video, but had to stop it and rewind it 3 times because there continued to be an interruption from someone who we have had to ask to not interrupt people in the past.  It’s just common courtesy.
Well, when I tried to correct this person, I was told “please don’t interrupt me”.   I thought to myself  “wait a minute, wasn’t it you that just interrupted the question that the volunteers just ask, for the third time?”.

It makes me upset because I have to continue to remind this one particular person to NOT interrupt.  I have had complaints about it at almost every meeting, and the imposition of this person is what is annoying.

1.  We are not representing Sensible Washington, but we are supporting it.
2.  We pay for out of our own pocket to rent this place.

Even if we weren’t paying for this place, and even if we were directly representing Sensible Washington, it is just common courtesy to not try to speak over someone elses conversation.  Instead wait until the video or the conversation is done before speaking.

It is like going to a movie, and yammering away at the top of your lungs.   Its just rude.

We shouldn’t need to set ground rules such as “be polite”, and “don’t over talk people in the middle of their sentence”.

But since we are renting the building, and hosting the meeting a few things need to be said.

1.  We may be talking about something you are not interested in, but really all we are doing is waiting for people to ask questions or pick up petitions.   We don’t have a set format.
2.   We value everyone’s opinion and questions, however we think rudeness and interruptions should not be a part of the meeting.
3.  We consider the place that we operate out of an extension of our dedication to Sensible Washington.
4.  If you want to host a meeting that the topics are designed by you, there are plenty of meeting places for that.   Host your own meeting.

At the end of the video after sternly instructing this person (again) to not interrupt, I gave him his moment to speak.  But he decided he was done.

We will in fact give everyone a chance to answer questions, or address topics.   But it really is rude to make me have to stop and rewind the video that is playing, instead of keeping questions and comments quiet until the end.

Had this person not told me to “not interrupt him”, I wouldn’t have gotten upset.  But after 3 meetings of constant interruptions, I felt it very necessary to get my point across.

Next time we have to have this debate, we will ask this person to go in the other conference room, and if he wants to host a meeting about topics that he wants to talk about, he will be more than welcome to go into the second conference room and host it.
We have 3 conference rooms, and we can certainly have 3 different meetings going on.

Of course we recorded the meeting like usual, and we will post the entire meeting when we convert it.    Take care!

Also be sure to see our ad in the local NickleNik (Spokane) for the meetings (Time and Location).

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