Why I am so interested in cannabis.. Legalization.. Etc

I think I have probably stated this several times.  But I like to make it very clear that my intentions for calling for cannabis legalization is not just a one dimensional reason.  I would like to recap on some of the parts of my determination to fight for cannabis legalization.

I can tell you that from the time I was a young teen I used cannabis to cope with stress.  I am not encouraging teen use, but I have a lot of years behind me that I have used cannabis for one thing or another.

Some times I have used it for stress/recreation (like drinking a beer).  Some times I have used it for medicine.  Some times I have used it for meditation. I find that it is very beneficial to me if used in moderation.

But knowing that it is beneficial to me is not the only reason why I fight for legalization.  I also carry a burden from childhood of when I got arrested for cannabis possession, and it screwed up my life not to mention took about 8 months out of my life during incarceration. 
I had only ever been arrested for possession of small amounts.  Less than a 1/2 oz.  But I served some real time.
After getting out of jail and moving on with my life, I was denied the ability to serve the country I was born in for military service.
Unlike my father and grandfather I would not be serving, based on multiple possession charges.

After serving all that time, paying thousands and thousands of dollars in fines, and being denied military service I finally am living a normal productive life.  However, during those times between incarceration, and times when I could have been serving in the military, I was on public assistance, and I was a great cost to the community for a time.  I was homeless for almost 3 years because of my choice to use cannabis as a teenager.

I do not want my children to ever be violated in such a way, for doing nothing more than possessing a harmless plant!

My kids could go into any grocery store at any age and buy a bottle of aspirin, and no one would think twice about it.

But the problem is that even though you can buy aspirin, you can not buy cannabis even if you are an adult (in most states).

According to the CDC aspirin//anti-inflammatories last year killed 7500 in America due to an over dose or complication.

Yet also according to the CDC (center for disease control)  it is reported that no one died last year from a toxic side effect of marijuana.  There were absoutely ZERO overdoses from marijuana.  Which is funny, because according to a government survey over 40 million people used cannabis last year.  Thats a lot of cannabis consumption and yet no deaths.

People should not be persecuted for using a G-d given plant!

There is also the issue of my family roots.  Back in the 1850’s my family ventured to the Americas from Wales to farm.  My father had a farm, my grandfather had a farm, and his grandfather had a farm. 
To me it is VERY important to allow our farmers to farm hemp!   It is an offense against the farming community in America to prohibit farmers from growing hemp.  We can import and distribute hemp, but we can farm it?!  That is stupid!

I am now importing hemp to my new business  (The Emerald Sun  www.emerald-sun.com) the cost of a hemp shirt is 3 times the cost of a cotton shirt, reason being is because we can not farm hemp locally!

Lastly and maybe least important to most but very important to me, is that I suffer from ‘cluster headaches’ that I believe are brought on by a condition that distorts blood vessels, sometimes making them thinner to irregular.  I think my condition is  Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL)  http://www.vhl.org/aboutvhl/ ).  The cluster headaches I get are best described as feeling like I got hit with a frying pan.  I lose vision, hearing and I experience intense sharp pains in my brain.

Marijuana works to expand my blood vessels much like glaucoma patients experience.  The relief is almost instant, it is long lasting and it leaves me with no undesirable side effects.  My alternatives leave me with horrible, hard to live with side effects.

I depend on cannabis to get me through these headaches.

Washington, we support I-1068

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