Why I will not vote for or support a Mormon presidential candidate

From a Mormon fellow: “You have told us we are not worthy of your support, regardless of our struggles with you.”

Valid point (name concealed) and I doubt you’ll find the same cold shoulder from every liberty minded person.

I grew up in Mormonism, and in Utah. I have witnessed those who put their church before their country dictate illegal and tyrannical laws who also claimed to be libertarian. I could name off 100 or so who made laws based on their religious faith and not the constitution that they swore an oath too.

Maybe my mind will change when a real libertarian minded person steps up from the LDS church and actually does something positive for preserving liberty without being totally sold out to the wants and desires of the LDS church.

The unique liquor laws and restrictive behavior laws in Utah are a product of the dominant culture. These laws seem foreign, unique, and completely tyrannical.

Let me also say that if a baptist preacher (who I am particularly fond of those types) ran for political office, I would reject them too. Believe me, there is no doubt that I do not need religious dogma taking precedence in my life.

There are many callings. But not everyone is suitable for multiple callings. Some people are just REALLY good at being a religious instructor or example. Other people are really good at being politicians. But I have found that the two jobs are very incompatible.

Now as an activist I have changed un-constitutional laws in Utah that were made to hold the people down. I changed a law that restricted free speech in Springville Utah in 2010.
I didn’t need to be a politician to effect successful and positive change.

So if there is a Mormon out there that is changing society on the grassroots level, and they are kicking ass doing it. They will DEFINITELY get my support. And many do. We are supporting a Mormon who is running for Attorney General in Utah. We give him our business too above all others, because he is GOOD at what he does.

But if he ran for president, I wouldn’t vote for him either.

Sorry, it’s just a phobia maybe. But anyone who has taken the oaths in the Mormon temple, and thinks they will get my support (regardless of their politics) they are mistaken. And that also applies to Masons who have taken a very similar oath.

Look up on Youtube “Mormon Temple Ceremony” and everyone can learn first hand WHY I have this phobia.

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