Why I won’t support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney – Ron Paul or bust!

Romney and Obama are both sold out to big corporations (pretty much the same exact people who sponsor one, also sponsors the other’s campaign)

I posted this on facebook.  But I wanted to repost it, because I have been meaning to put this together in video format, but since it’s already typed out, I’ll reshare.

But this is how I feel about both of them right now. Regardless though, I am still voting for Ron Paul!

The president to his favor, he does have his hands tied in some ways. For example he can’t just go and legalize marijuana. Although some people debate that with an executive order he can end the drug war.

If not directly, he could end the drug war by defunding the program, or directing the Department of Justice to re prioritize harder drugs from softer drugs, or hurtful crimes from victimless crimes.

But some say and it seems plausible, but obviously Im no constitutional law student. The strategy seems to be, that the President could use Executive Order powers to challenge and possibly directly defeat the drug war based on the drug war’s unconstitutional foundation. Based on cases such as Timothy Leary vs. the USA (1969), and also constitutional law found in the 21st Amendment. Etc. But even more so, that the drug war has no constitutional validity, and violates the bill of rights (1st, 4th and 5th Amendment, possibly the 6th the 9th and the 10th as well all are in direct conflict with the drug war).

But Obama has a lot more power than people give him credit for.
That he constantly mocks these questions about marijuana, even though it’s always the number #1 question (by votes) for the president for the town hall meetings, and when he responds he mocks the questions and the people asking the questions. So he has totally done a 180 degree turn on his former marijuana position.

Just like Romney with abortion and gay rights.

Romney and Barack both are completely guilty of flip flopping.

But then there is the war. He continuously campaigned about how he would have the troops home before 2010, and then changed his position on that, and started sending more troops.

Barack is the commander and chief, he could order the troops to pack up and come home, and they would all be home within 4 months. That is one of the most influential decisions he can make. He just won’t.

To Romney’s favor. I understand his position, kind of. Like with abortion. He certainly is against abortion, even when he was governor. But Romney was trying to play politics, and he was trying to appease the will of the people I suppose. He has gotten older, and more comfortable as a politician, and now he is campaigning on his pro-life beliefs, even though the previous president won doing the opposite. So I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up for what one believes, even despite it is a political risk.
With the marijuana topic, at least he isn’t being soft on the issue, and saying one thing when he means something else. I think it’s cool that he is being straight forward, and campaigning on that which is also risky politically.
I obviously disagree with Romney intensely on many levels. But one thing I can give him credit for is finally standing up and growing a spine and standing up for what he really believes in a campaign where he has no guarantee of success (or does he? he may! lol). But from my limited point of view as an observer at some level. I would think he would be more fickle and less straightforward now, than ever before. So I am taken back by this new Mitt Romney.
And I am highly disappointed that Barack Obama turned out to be such a fat liar.



A few clips of Barack Obama demanding truth and accountability from the other candidates, and some of his interviews and campaign speeches about marijuana/cannabis.


More clips from Barack’s campaign in this video that I did in June 2009.


Obama mocks marijuana consumers and legalization advocates


Obama promises to bring troops home as soon as he is sworn in.


Mitt Romney flip flops on abortion and other issues

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection

This is my take I why I personally won’t vote for Mitt Romney or a Mormon president.

Why I can not vote for a Mormon candidate (Presidential)
There are a lot of reasons why I oppose each of these men as president individually.

I also oppose them because they share some of the same aspects.
#1  They are both almost entirely funded by investment bankers, the same corps sponsor each campaign almost equally.   (so they win either way)

#2  They both participate in and support corporate welfarism, or in other words crony capitalism

#3  They are both big government socialists who change their mind on issue based on their audience

#4  They both oppose marijuana and want to put people in prison for victimless crimes like possession of cannabis

#5  They both support the NDAA and the anti-liberty provisions in the Patriot Act(s) and other related bills.

#6  (this ought to be higher on this list actually) They both are supporters and advocates of the corrupt federal reserve that is destroying this country
I also found this about how all presidents except for one are cousins and related through an English King, yes even Obama!   12 yr Girl Discovers ALL US Presidents (except one) related
Is Romney part of the clan?

These are just a few points, but most of these relate to the other problems that I could list.
This is why I will only vote for Ron Paul.  I will be writing him in come November!


Ron Paul’s latest broadcast;
Ron Paul – Audit the fed now or never!

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