Why is our government failing us

I have fought long and hard for freedom. When I was young I thought like my father and my grandfather did… That if only we could vote the right people in to represent our ideals, our beliefs, our freedoms that we could certainly get the liberty that we have been promised in our bill of rights. That some how we could undo the wrongs that have been done to liberty and freedom.
I thought that if we just found the right “maverick” that would get in to office and simply use their moral compass as a filter and just stand 100% of the time for what they believe in their heart is right, and ignore the corporate influences that guide our politicians today. That somehow they would feel that they have enough, and gaining power or money would not be their main motive in office.

I had lost hope in that childish idealism a long time ago, and every once in awhile I get a gaze of hope in the eyes of one of these “mavericks” who just may be on the right track. I still find some hope in folks like Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Mike Gravel, and others.. But when I look at the big picture. When I see how the national debates are run, when I see who controls the media, when I see the hearts and souls broken of the American people who trust that in naive and desperate appeals when they cast their vote for another puppet politician just to see all of the campaign promises broken again and again and again… I desperately look for another way.

I can’t say what the best way is. All that I know is that representative government has failed us, and will always fail us. Some say direct democracy is risky. Some say civil war is risky. Some say freedom itself is risky. But when has life ever came without a risk?
The complacency of people, the apathy of the human race has us looking for someone else to save us, so that we don’t have to take the risk ourselves. It is a sickness that we have in our species, always looking for the easier way out of our problems.

I try to be accountable for myself by not letting anyone else represent me. I don’t align myself as a “member of such and such”, I don’t join a political party, a church or a lobbyist group as I believe that personal accountability is the only way to represent.

This is why I have taken the position of backing with all of my heart a National Initiative for Democracy.
If you are reading this now, all that I ask of you is to research it yourself. Come to your own conclusion.
Make an informed decision and act on it one way or another. No one is coming to save you. You MUST save yourself!

~Ryan Thompson 5/26/11

“The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government” -George Washington 1787

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