Why should marijuana dispensaries support Prop 19

I put together this video of what I believe marijuana dispensaries have interest in legalizing marijuana via Prop 19.

I have to admit there are things that I don’t like about Prop 19 myself.  I dont agree with the age restrictions, and some of the growing restrictions.

However a $5000 license is not very restrictive when considering the profits from dispensaries.

We have had dispensaries get pissed about how I would like marijuana to be legalized because they see themselves losing control of the marijuana market.   They commonly say that legal marijuana will make prices go down.  I disagree.   Dispensaries are currently limited to medical patients with a valid, and expensive doctor’s recommend.   But when California legalizes marijuana, the recreational market, the tourism market and the medical market will all open up drastically more than it currently is.

I also point the dispensaries to two very legal products.  Saffron which has no legal restrictions has a price comparable to prohibition prices marijuana.   Also look at wine. These two products are grown by family farmers are are very very expensive still, despite their status as being legal.

Also look at the profits and the jobs that will come from the hemp market.  We currently have to import all hemp from out side the USA. If we grew it here, we would be exporting it to others!  That will put a lot of folks back to work in all areas of society.

Look at the Netherlands, a good portion of their tourism comes from cannabis cafe’s.  I personally visit Vancouver B.C. for the purpose of experiencing the Cannabis Culture Vapor Lounge.  It’s amazing!  Just think if people were flying into LA from other countries to experience our cannabis cafe’s!  Lots of people of all walks of life would be finding employment and benefits from this legal market.   Even those who don’t toke will see the benefits in the form of sales tax.

This is a the video I made, followed by a video on this topic from Reason.Tv

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