Will I-502 actually create legal stores?

So the question that has been posed about I-502 to many of the promoters of I-502 is “will I-502 actually do what all of the promoters promised, is it possible that there will be legal stores in Washington state by December 2013”?

The Russ Belville Challenge 2012-2013 – Legal or not?


Russ turned down the bet, but here is your chance to pick it up where Russ dropped the ball!
To participate click the link below


(this is the video that I made for Russ on November 21st 2012)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9QUVl0ONok

This is a betting pool for Litecoin, once this slot is taken, I will open another:


For reference, when I proposed this challenge to another supporter of I-502, this is the response that I got, and the response that I gave:


  • Friar Ryan

    You were offering a site that took bets on I-502’s passage.
    I set up a betting area of my site too, for betting on I-502’s campaign promises.
    Russ Belville turned me down on this bet (even though he LOVES to bet).
    Maybe you’d be willing to take me up on it.


  • Norm L. Mass

    Your challenge is not specific enough. What defines a “legal store”?

  • Friar Ryan

    Exactly how it was defined in I-502. I am challenging those who promised “legal dispensaries”. Their term “legal”, and my term “legal” is obviously not the same thing. So the only thing I can go by, is the wording in I-502, which was not challenged by many of the supporters. Despite that cannabis remains schedule one in not only federal law, but also state law, tells me that there are no “10th Amendment protections” for I-502’s “legal stores”.
    If WA opened up “legal stores” they would not only be violating federal laws, but also state laws. Their claim to “10th Amendment Protections” is irrelevant if WA is breaking it’s own state laws.

  • Friar Ryan

    So basically you would be betting on the provisions set forth in I-502, not my definitions of “legal” but the definitions that are in the law itself.



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