Will Technology Advance Enough to Catch Politicians in Lies?

I have thought long and hard about how we can expose the lies instantly and obviously when politicians lie to the public.

A lot of the public are too trusting and innocent or more likely too lazy to research anything themselves.  But they are constantly getting force-fed propaganda from the media about which business to like, which politician to like, which colors are happiest.

I foresee a future where science brings lie detection that is 100% accurate.  I don’t know how or when, but science certainly has advanced in a very short time, and we are finding that many new sciences are close to 100% accurate.
I think it’s reasonable to suspect science can or maybe already has (for the government) produce such a technology.

Well in all of the years of activism, either me vs. the LDS/Mormon history and doctrine, me vs. the state (free speech or cannabis), or me vs. liberals who love abortion and socialism.  I have had a lot of accusations to discredit, defame, or to stress me.  But I wonder if the reason why my foes don’t confront me with the rumors and lies, is because they know I will film their BS, and then maybe some day, their lies will be exposed?

I personally won’t believe anyone about anything important, without solid proof.  Whether it is claims about ancient history, politics, or personal interactions.  Proof is required in this age of bullshit.

Musing on this, I made a video with commentary on the state of the union in the video below, and below that are two more videos about technology and tools to analyze human behavior such as truth vs. fiction.



The New Age of Science and the Future of Lie Detection by Rev Ryan


The Warrior Gene, Genetic tendency towards violence



BTW-  I loved this response to Obama’s state of the union by Rand Paul>

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