Will Utah lose tourism money now that Colorado legalized cannabis?

There has been an ongoing tourism battle of who in fact has the better snow experience between the two sides of the Rocky mountains. I have personally lived in Utah and I lived in Colorado.
I grew up in Utah and our first daughter was born in Colorado.
When we lived in Colorado Springs, we owned the tourism company www.DiscoveringColorado.com (we sold it in 2004), and if I had it to do again under the new situation. I would most certainly be advertising how “Rocky Mountain High” has a whole new meaning. I would certainly (even if subtly) mark the differences between the experience that a less restrictive social situation would be a better experience for the boarders and skiers. I am not an avid skier or boarder, even though I worked at Sun Valley ski resort in Idaho as a kid. While I worked and lived at the resort, I was able to try boarding and skiing on many occasions. It didn’t hurt that my lift passes and rentals were on the house.

But one thing that sticks out in my mind, is how smoking a joint before going boarding was a much more enjoyable experience than not smoking a joint.   Especially when the snow was crusty from the warmness of the sun in the late afternoon, and how it really hurt my face to fall on it.   🙂

So will Colorado see an increase of tourism based on their cannabis laws just like Amsterdam did for the last 25+ years?

I suspect that Colorado now has the edge in their tourism that they have been looking for.

I praise Colorado voters for being sensible in these issues of civil liberties.   And I also maintain that cannabis is NOT illegal ANYWHERE, it is the laws that are illegal.   Here is a challenge to my readers.  What in the constitution tells you that the government has the right to regulate what you consume (whether it is dangerous or not)?

With the 18th Amendment (annulled by the 21st Amendment) there was some constitutionality regarding alcohol prohibition.  But the same can not be said for the prohibition of cannabis.

Further more, to my Utah kinfolk and friends.   Cannabis has been ruled to be legal in Utah as well by the supreme court.

To learn more about that you can read this article about the Oklaueva Native American church’s supreme court ruling.


Also read this story:  http://www.abc4.com/content/news/political/story/Will-legal-marijuana-in-Colorado-lure-away-Utah/Bc25cApNlUKZur7Iq3RNBg.cspx

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