Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine

Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine.

Socialism in socialized medicine does not exclude cannabis, and lately we have saw some strange events within the medicalization of marijuana.

There are a lot of things that I do like about Ronald Reagan, certainly when he was campaigning with Barry Goldwater in the late 60s.

The political philosophy of Ronald Reagan is admirable. Of course the execution of those plans, had mistakes and compromise while he was at his prime as the presidente.

RIP President Ronald Reagan

This was Ronald Reagan’s warning about socialism via healthcare in in 1961.


This is my commentary on Ronald Reagan. This all reminds me of my pop RIP.
My dad was a moderate democrat, but he told me once he voted for Ronald Reagan and was let down by him. Which is very understandable looking back.
However Ronald Reagan gave significant income tax breaks, and a lot of benefits to small business startups. There are a lot of good things done by Ronald Reagan during his presidency. One thing that frustrates me is why he didn’t end the drug war, and why did he create new wasteful and ineffective government branches for the drug war.

Every president has their shortcomings, even Obama who totally bombed on his major campaign promises, including not bringing the troops home, and not protecting medical marijuana patients and “decriminalizing marijuana”

This is my Ronald Reagan commentary on a few of his radio broadcasts about socialism.

More words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan

This is a video that I made for Barack Obama before he took office.


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