Wrapping up one project and moving on to another

In the past 15 years I have started many internet/BBS/Website projects.   I have completed over 30 personal websites, and 100s of paid websites for clients and friends.

I feel like an architect in this way.  Once the project is complete, there is no need to continue to build it over and over.  Building is once is enough.   There are plenty of more builds to undertake.   When they are exactly as they are meant to be, over building or rebuilding can mess the whole project up.

This is the case with my projects that I have completed to this point.   Though xCannabis.com is still in BETA, the forum, and the over all destination for xCannabis is complete.  There are some minor tweaks and new functionality that will eventually be added to xCannabis.com.  But my role as editor, publish, author, etc is coming to an peak.  At this point I am going to take a “hiatus” (using that term loosely) from the blogging, and I am going to start working on building more infrastructure, and finish up a bunch of unfinished projects.

I spend a lot of time reading, writing and editing in regards to cannabis activism.  Yet there is SO much more to life, and to activism for me.  I am more concerned about our national debt than I am if Jimmy gets to puff a spliff legally.  Though the ending of prohibition of cannabis is already centered on GDP and commodity revenue.  That is what is getting the politicians on board with it.   But for me, it’s like writing a book.  I have completed the chapter on cannabis legalization, and community awareness causes.  More books will be written, but there is only so much time and so many words that can be put to this work at this time.

I’ve covered all of my legal interaction with this topic, including the time I spent in jail for cannabis and what led up to it.  I covered my conversion to being a deist and how I have learned cannabis consumption is an ancient religious ceremony in many world religions including Judaism and Christianity.   I’ve covered the politics of newly passed legislation regarding cannabis and historical legislation.  I’ve covered my view on the constitutionality of cannabis prohibition (which I think is key), and I have covered the capitalistic appeal of ending prohibition.

In this time we have created a half dozen cannabis related websites, we have created a few technologically related cannabis services, a non-centralized currency/economy here on xCannabis, and we have distributed a fair share of promotional materials that deal with ending cannabis prohibition, which included several hundred t-shirts, and lots of protesting/pamphleting .

One of my proudest moments was when I got a municipal law changed in Springville Utah that required protestors to get a permit.  A law that had been on the books since the 60’s and was repealed one month after I was arrested for violating this law.

But none of this compares to my wonderful little family, which have been in part neglected due to my activism.  My businesses have lacked funding and time investments, and my retirement plan is stagnating.

I am so happy to see other people out there distributing massive amounts of cannabis legalization media and such.  I am glad to see all of the new radio stations coming out supporting cannabis legalization, and newspapers too.   Colorado made some progress with Amendment 64, and many other states are climbing on board.

So now my focus is US debt reduction when it comes to politics.  Which includes ending the fed, and chipping away at wasteful government spending and wasteful government bureaucracies .  We are head over heels in debt, and the responsibility to pay it back will be heaped on the backs of our children.  We currently have more debt than GDP, and that is where Greece, Spain and now Cuba has gotten to with their socialistic practices and big government political structures.

Sure legalizing cannabis would help that problem a lot.  However if we still have an income tax, and if we still have the federal reserve, and if they put down tax structures like Washington state did with I-502, then it won’t make any difference because the government will just squander that as well.  So we need to fix the problems at their roots and work our way up, that is my goal.    How am I going to effect change you may wonder?  I believe that the free market can fix these things.  We can replace our current worthless bureaucracies with free market involvement.   (see Ron Paul’s statements on these worthless bureaucracies, he lays this out really well).

This was my message on facebook:

Instead of writing books of thoughts, and video of important topics to me, I pretty much need to call it a finished product and move on.

These are the sites and video blogs that I’ve made over the years.

I started with BehindZionCurtain.com (old content) in 2001.
Then Utah Pirate Radio in 2006
Old site: http://utahpirateradio.com (expired domain, I don’t own it anymore) http://youtube.com/utahpirateradio
Then xCannabis.com in 2008.
And in between 1999 and now, I’ve had a handful of others.
I think Im wore out.
I was saying this in 2007, that Im wore out.
Six years later, and now Im really tired.
This is from 2007

I figure this is a “fare-well” to many. At least in this format, I will be stepping away.


For more information on sites that we have built (incase they no longer exist)
This site is a great resource to see historical pages of these sites:   http://archive.org

And this is the last thing I want to post here (for at least awhile).

I believe capitalism, the free market, and hard work is the way cannabis prohibition will end.  Not by making new laws, but by repealing old dumb laws completely.

I recently made this video to talk about my recent investment into Cannabis Science Inc  (nasdaq symbol: CBIS)

 So I will be working on legalization while I sleep essentially.  24/7/365

Not to say I won’t come back for updates.  But right now, it’s time to focus!

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