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[lang_en]Spread the word (herb)! X Cannabis is born. A new seed in the effort to ‘overgrow the government’.
We are forming more support for the effort to legalize marijuana!

This is after all a democratic world that we live in, and the voice of the people will be heard!

Ryan’s story goes like this:

After years of struggling with the the unjust laws in the United States, Ryan Thompson the founder of xCannabis.com has once again picked up the cause of ending prohibition.
As a teen and young adult, Ryan spent a good deal of his life fighting unjust legal persecution and refused to let the government ruin his life.

Ryan, despite a serious financial burden from legal fees and time in jail became a college student and while in school started a business.
After starting his first business doing on-demand technicial support, Ryan with the support of his awesome wife Kimi Thompson started a series of other businesses. Most of these businesses became successful, and now with thier free time Ryan and Kimi has picked up the cause of ending prohibition.

The first step is this website, xCannabis.com. This will become the means in which us a xCannabis.com will be able to pursue the cause and inform our friends, family and fellow Americans about the benefits of cannabis, and about the horrible side-effects on this so-called “war on drugs”.

Please feel free to contribue your questions, your knowlege and your photos! We really need everyone’s help in this cause!

We will be offering promotions and contests to promote this cause. Please stay tuned for our holiday events as well as our cannabis celebrations where we will give away cannabis related prizes and awards.

If you have any questions or comments for the management, please write Ryan Thompson at: info@xcannabis.com


xCannabis.com management[/lang_en]

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