xCannabis.com updates, downtime, news

We have had some server performance issues, and it will seem sometimes that the website is offline.  But it is likely just timing out from high usage.  We are still using the same server we have had for over a year at the same datacenter.  But we are receiving a little bit of a higher load than usual.

I had some database issues, and I was able to fix these.  I got all of the content back.
We will have all of these issues resolved soon.

Meanwhile if you are having trouble accessing this site, you can find our content at the following links:

For our website’s archive specifically click this archive page: http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://xcannabis.com

You can also get our mobile app at;  http://slu2.com/android

At wordpress :  http://xcannabis.wordpress.com/

At Facebook:  http://facebook.com/xcannamaster

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