xCannabis Digital Economy – Cannabit points

xCannabis.com marijuana leaf  has been working on setting up a community economy for the past four years.

The developers of xCannabis have been working with several open source projects to get the right fit for the needs of xCannabis.com since 2008.  The points have been accumulating for members of the site since the beginning of the site’s launch in 2008, but it only gets better!

After working with Simple:Press to get their website up to the latest version, which is currently Simple:Press 5.2.2 and Cube Points 3.2.2, and getting a plugin that is offered by Simple:Press to connect cubepoints to the forum, the management has integrated these two very nicely compatible plugins to offer an mini economy to members of the xCannabis site.  Using Market Press eCommerce plugin and supplying some inventory from their own inventory and the inventory of other contributors to promote a online digital economy as well as pay the members of the site for advertising rather than paying a large media company like Facebook for advertising.  This keeps resources in the community.

This is probably not something that the bankers would like to read about.  However this is a way to create your own separate economy, that is private and consensual in nature.  Not forced like our federal currency is.


Check out the xCannabis Forums to learn more about setting up your own digital economy and to participate in xCannabis’s economy:  http://xcannabis.com/forum


 Video tutorial on how to use Cannabits:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a85HN7KiYBQ


Published on Feb 9, 2013

Notes for the video:

Use xCannabis Point (Cannabits) to access paid areas of the site.
Such as the TRADING POST.
This site is a none drug or illegal substance
Website, but people can trade grow equipment
and other information items related to
the cannabis industry
Textiles, and hemp products are encouraged To earn points, you must participate in
the website, specifically the FORUMS


This is the store http://xcannabis.com/store/products/

You can spend your cannabits on tanglable
Items. Using cannabits you can purchase
dozens of different items and have them
shipped to you. If you would rather not have something shipped
We also offer bitcoin at times as means
of reimbursement for cannabits exchanges. Thanks for hanging with xCannabis We’d much rather reward our members As opposed to some big ad corp like facebook This is our own localized community economy. Just think, you could have your own currency Your own economy. Your own bank as well! Come chat in our forums about how you can set this up Stop using federal currency for community rewards Make your own way! Do your own thing! Make your own community! Build an economy that doesn’t depend on a government or a banker

Think local Act Global!!


Cannabits are in BETA, there are no guarantees stated or implied. This is a testing phase.

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