xCannabis free skateboard contest! Banner contest

xCannabis.com is excited about our first month, and our first design.

Since we are basicly a design shop cannabinized, our goal is to share art and inspiration..


So here it is!! ‘THE’ xCannabis.com skateboard deck.  This deck has the first mood-banner that xCannabis as a team ever made.  (Credit to Kimberly Dawn)

Our contest is for our November 2008 banner (that will appear on our website for November, December and January.  Whoever designs a banner that xCannabis.com chooses wins a deck from September’s xCannabis.com mood-banner.

You will also be put in a drawing to win a hydroponic Tomato plant growing kit with a 1000w CCF and balast.  Easily worth $275 from a nurshery.

So with one banner, you have the possibility to win both a skateboard deck and a grow kit. 
(the article writting contest has the same prize, for just submitting a killer article, incase you have no graphic design talents.  =)

There will be 3 prizes total.  2 skateboard decks.  And one complete tomato plant grow kit.

The first deck will be awarded the banner winner.  The second deck will be awarded to the article winner.  The results of the contest for these prizes will be decided on October 15th 2008.

Each of the people who win a skateboard deck, get entered into the December 15th drawing for the grow kit.  (I will post about the grow kit contest in October)

Here is the deck!

The perfect competition shape and construction for all terrains. These boards got supreme pop! The best quality hard-rock maple decks and an unrivaled patent-pending printing process make this the one of the most competitive and durable skateboards in the world!Show the world where your heart is with this organic blend of goodness!

So the rules are this.

1.  You make a banner using favorite editing software.  MSPaint it up if that’s what you got! 
I used a Amiga paint program back in the early 90’s and it was similar to MS Paint.  I drew with that for hours.  But if you happen to have Photoshop, or Fireworks, or something of the kind..  Even better.

(For those who want to use the free MSPaint that come standard with Windows (or similar program), click here for a banner template).

2. You don’t have to use that template.  Do whatever you want.  The size NEEDS to be 787 wide by whatever height you want.

3.  We will put it to a vote and in the end, the design that gets the most votes wins  (even if there are only like 2 total votes, LOL)      I encourage you to also leave a comment with your vote.

4.  You must, with out any question be 18 years old to enter.  If you are not 18, your design will not be used, sorry.  However, design your own and post it anyway!  No time like the present to sow some seeds (so-to-speak). 
If there are different age requirements in your particular country to enter a contest such as this, then you are responsible for knowing and observing those laws.  We are not responsible for that either.

5.  By entering this contest or submitting photos, you assume all responsibilty for the original content of the material that you send over.  If any legal issues or copyright issues arise, you alone are responsible for your own submission.  And you realieve xCannabis.com and ArtisticByNature of any responsibility.

6.  You give xCannabis.com & ArtisticByNature.com the right to exclusively use this art without reservation.

7.  That you feel irie when you make this banner.

8.  The editors will make the final decision on the banners (as polling can be tweaked by clever users.  Which is why I encourage you to not only post a vote, but also leave a thoughtful comment).

You can send your banners to:  info@xcannabis.com

Or just register and post them on xCannabis.com forums

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