xCannabis grams is the new kudos system

This is something that I am testing but I have not been able to perfect as of yet.
But we want to have “x Canna grams” on the site.  For every blog post a person makes it to the blog (that is accepted) gets 100 grams. Every comment earns 5 grams.

Eventually there will be rewards that can be bought with x canna grams but I don’t have any ETA on that (probably in Fall 2010). But for now it’s just a way to give kudos to members.   A box on the inner left sidebar shows who has the top grams.  You can donate grams to others, to give them kudos for posts that you like of theirs, or whatever.

Look for the little ? (question mark) on the bottom left of each post.  That will give a view of how many grams the poster is stashing.

(forums do not count towards the total)

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