xCannabis history – Cannabis for cancer.

Part of the xCannabis story started when my dad got cancer, which was abouot the same time that I was already putting xCannabis together.  In fact xCannabis was only about 4 months old.

After making 4 separate trips from Tacoma to Provo Ut to see my dad either in the hospital or recovering from the hospital.  And I had gone down several times before he was diagnosed with cancer for when he started working on getting a lung trasnplant, and it had taken him almost a year to get on the list.

So this is about the third VLOG that I had made about cannabis for cancer.


I miss my dad, and wish his death would have been less painful and scary.

This is one of the things that fuels my hunger for change.  This is one of the things that gives me the strength to do without my medicine so that I can be used to bring awareness to this issue (and not lose everything while Im at it).

Now that I am in a non-medical marijuana state, my cannabis consumption is rare.  I will usually be able to releave my headaches, but not so much my daily stress.   In WA this was a different situation, but that is why I quit so that I can work on making idaho recognize medical marijuana, tax it, and regulated it so that it is for adult consumption only.  In an un-regulated market, kids can get illegal substances more easily, because pushers have more incentive to go to the playgrounds and peddle their wares.  Im not saying that happens regularly, because I don’t know.  I am just imagining that like the 1920’s and 1930’s, gangs and alcohol consumption was more prolific than before it was prohibited.  When prohibition ended, gangs fell apart and consumption went down.

Tax day is Wednesday, I hope to see you at your local post office.  I will post a story about my experience when Im done.   Peace!

Visit Cannabis for Cancer @:  http://xcannabis.com/cannabis-for-cancer/

for more info..
Thanks everyone for contributing to this site.  It really keeps me going to see all of this law reform happening!

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