xCannabis Icky Sicky Grippy Skateboard Series 1

Icky Sticky Skateboarding for Cancer!!

The perfect competition shape and construction for all terrains. These boards got supreme pop! The best quality hard-rock maple decks and an unrivaled patent-pending printing process make this the one of the most competitive and durable skateboards in the world!Show the world where your heart is with this organic blend of goodness!


Until January 1st 2008.If you join the group “Cannabis for Cancer” on Facebook, and donate $62.50 or more to NORML (a non-profit) via Facebook.  Provide proof of your donation, and make sure you let NORML know it was xCannabis that referred you.  And we will give you a free skateboard with the Icky Sticky logo on it.My goal is to raise $1000 on Facebook for Cannabis for Cancer.  All procdeeds are to be paid directly to NORML, you just provide us with a copy of a recept, or have NORML contact us and let us know that you donated so that you can collect your free skateboard. 
Reciept is probably easiest so that we don’t have to bug NORML. 
Once the $1000 mark is met, I will have to end the promotion due to a personal finance budget.  But be free to donate to NORML often!


NORML Foundation

Your Donation Benefits: NORML Foundation
a 501(c)3 nonprofit
Website: www.norml.org

Donate here

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