xCannabits Economy 2013 – Beta + Reopened the Forums

For the last four years we have been working on fine tuning two different aspects of xCannabis.com.
Originally we designed xCannabis.com to be a social network, news site, and activist reporting hub.
xCannabis.com as well as my family grew very quickly since August 2008 when this all started.
We originally took on four content contributors that we met online who wanted to contribute and help where we had to leave off, with our ever growing family.
In order to reward them, we set up a point system in the background with “Cubepoints” for wordpress.  We didn’t tell anyone about it, because it was not a certain solution to compensation, just a thought.
For about 4 and a half years anyone who has logged into the site, or posted comments have been earning points.  It is still working good, and if you have ever saw the “Dashboard” of your account on xCannabis you have probably noticed your points accumulating.

Some of this has been an experiment for me to explore the possibility of converting to a commodity based market that is outside of the status quo.
I have worked with a lot of different software over the years, and I have posted youtube videos about my experiences with testing a localized commodity based economy.  (see the links at the bottom)

There have been hiccups along the way, both in coding and in social relationships that are directly connected to xCannabis and how she works.

We have met some really great people.  The original four our stilling in our thoughts and prayers.  We also greatly appreciate the open source projects and the developers that we have worked with to get xCannabis.com where she is today.
There have been a lot of changes, and we have hoped to always be the “best buddy” to people who support us, and to try to back everyone involved in creating a cannabis business.
But someone hopes and expectations differ slightly from reality.  Though we remain hopeful.

In the past several years we have witness other countries around the world like Greece and Cuba experience very difficult financial and economic situations.
Iceland also got into trouble with finances.  The difference being the way these countries approached it.
I believe that Iceland did the right thing by convicting the bankers for theft basically.
Cuba is now converting from socialism back to a standing form of capitalism after their socialist economy failed to provide jobs and resources to the people as of late.
With the USA printing money so frantically, we expect similar results with our home land.  We hope for better, and we pray for change.  But realistically we see the USA heading down hill fast due to our corrupt central banking system.

In honor of the free market and Ron Paul, we offer our alternative economy to our members.

Our economy is based on user activity.  The more our users participate the more cannabits they earn.
We encourage business owners and members to contibute to the storehouse so that xCannabis can continue to sponsor our user’s activity and provide them with high quality products.

If any advertisers are interested in contributing to the storehouse, contact xCannabis at:

This is the video that I made to demonstrate the improved Beta release of Cannabits

For more on the topic of Greece, Cuba, Iceland and alternative currencies and economies see the links below.

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Rand Paul reintroduces the Audit the Fed Bill

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Greeces staves off bankruptcy but troubles lie ahead

Using Open Source Currency To Trade (online and offline)

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