xCannaGram (Points) Giveaway for October 2012

This is our first giveaway in over one year!   With all of the new kids, and life changes we have been very reserved in our website participation and activism.  But we are ready again with our latest contest!

In this contest you can win 1000 xCannaGrams (points), which can be redeemed in our store, bet on a lottery, or saved for later.  We have hemp pants, copper bullion, and bitcoin for sale in our store, and we ONLY accept xCannaGrams as payment.

There are a lot of ways that you can earn points in order to participate in the giveaway.

More information on how to accumulate points (xCannaGrams):

  • Points for Each Comment = 5pts (five)
  • Points for Each New Member = 10pts (ten)
  • Points for Each New Post = 10pts (ten)
  • Points for Watching a Youtube Video = 10pts (ten)
  • Points for comments on author’s post = 1pts (ten)
  • Let us know if you would like to be a guest author on xCannabis.com by sending an email to >  info@slu2.com
  • Some specified (facebook like) and (tweets) will give points (xCannaGrams)
  • Playing the games on xCannabis that are specified to giveaway xCannaGrams will give out xCannaGrams

october giveaway

Enter the October xCannaGram Giveaway here!

Privacy and security info:

Contest participants are required to be 21+ years of age, and are advised to familiar yourself with all laws and regulations pertaining to.   It is your responsibility to mind to laws and regulations.  xCannabis, Ryan Thompson, and any of our affiliates accept no responsibility for your use of this site in any way.
10 points for a twitter follow!
[twitterfollow user=”xcannabis”]
10 points for a FB Like
[fbpage page=”xcannamaster”]

P.S. We have gotten reports that the website is slow and points are slow to accumulate. Please read my response below:

There is a caching plugin to make the site run faster.
Yes I am sorry about the latency, but the caching plugin makes the accumulated points show up with a slowness.  You got 10 points, because points are doubled during the month of October.  The problem with our loading speed is not a lot of plugins, it loads this slow without any plugins installed.  The problem is a large database to a long history (since 2008) and 10’s of thousands of comments.   I am working on reducing the size of the database, I am also upgrading the hosting on this site soon.

Your points will accumulate though.  The cache is set to refresh every 24 hours, so if the comment doesn’t show points right away, it will within 24 hours.

This points system is considered Beta, and it has many changes coming in the future.

Once we get on a faster server and upgrade to hosted DNS, this site will be flying and we will reduce the amount of caching the site has to do.

The site itself is under a pretty heavy load, we are getting over 1000 unique visitors a day, and many are browsing quite a bit.  So it’s taxing the server’s resources.  The upgrades will come very soon.  Thanks for participating.

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