Yes on 19, No to Cartels

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Adam Walsh October 24 at 2:38pm Report

Hey I saw you support Prop 19.Just letting people know that it will actually make pot more illegal. Swartzeneger just made possession of an once or less, the equivalent of a traffic violation…and 215 let’s you grow way more than Prop 19 will. There will be more arrests and less freedom as we hand over control to big corporations….this is why the most prominent marijuana activists oppose it, including Jack Herrer and Dennis Perone the creator of Prop 215.

Ryan Thompson October 24 at 2:45pm

Sorry bud, wrong guy. I am an informed voter.

Adam Walsh October 24 at 2:59pm Report

The elephant in the room seems to be that everyone wants to jump in on this “New Economy” to save the sinking ship of California, but no one wants to admit how Dependent on Marijuana we already are. You hear TV reporters calling it the second largest economy in the state, with this unspoken assumption that it’s going untapped. The reality is that the California Economy is not only intertwined with this “New Market” (which has really been here for 30 years), it is in many cases propped up by it. Mendocino County has estimated that it’s growers (mostly Mom and Pop operations) account for up to 2/3 of its total GDP. That is Billions of Dollars directly infused into restaurants, hardware stores, schools, auto mechanics, fire departments, Walmarts….and all of this money gets taxed every time it goes into a cash register. Though it would be nice to tap into this “new” revenue stream, the reality is that we ALREADY ARE. If we drastically curb this market, by consolidating all of this capital into the hands of a few large corporations and outlawing local Mom and Pop collectives (which is exactly what Prop 19 will do), the true effect would be to add $1.4 Billion in “new” tax revenue – at the expense of pulling another $10 Billion Out of circulation. Moral and political considerations aside, it simply does not add up. Let’s not rush into a poorly written bill, simply because we are so anxious to “Legalize It”. Let’s look at reality and keep our economy alive…Vote NO on PROP 19.

Ryan Thompson October 24 at 3:07pm

I am going to tell you about the black market that you seem to think isn’t a problem.

100’s of thousands of pounds of marijuana is produced by Mexican cartels, in the state of California. They ruin our wilderness, and they take all of the profits that they made off our citizens, and give it to cartel leaders who are waging a massive war on our borders.

Its not even as though the Mexican cartels are shipping the drugs in any more. They are just growing it on BLM land all over the place, especially in my home state of Utah.

Taking the marijuana industry back is vital to the survival of our country.

YES ON 19,8599,1917547,00.html

Adam Walsh October 24 at 3:39pm Report

Nobody likes Mexican Cartels, but do you really think Prop 19 will stop them from doing anything? If they are crazy enough to put 4000 plants on federal property, they surely aren’t going to pay attention to these new restrictions. All this will do is criminalize the smaller Mom and Pops, who otherwise would be foreclosed on in our horrible economy.


Ryan Thompson October 24 at 3:45pm

Adam, the issue will be about WHO supplies it. Right now selling recreational marijuana is illegal. But that’s what they cartels like. The more the risk, they higher the profits, the more reason to shoot people up.

When we take the industry back from the cartels, they won’t have the advantage of prohibition on their side.

Currently El Chapo from the Sinaloa Cartel, is in Forbes magazine as one of the worlds billionaires.

I’m ready to do with marijuana, what we did with alcohol in the 30’s. Did it work in the 30’s? Yes, in my opinion. And it will work now.

Adam Walsh October 24 at 4:14pm Report

This is absolutely about WHO supplies it.It’s about Medicine For the People By the People.For 30 years this is the ONE thing we have had that Big Business could not touch, and now were ready to just hand it all over to the Tobacco Industry….who I’m sure will be no less kind to the earth than any other Mega Farmer.

Decentralized Economic and Agricultural Systems are vital to this planet’s survival. It’s the same debate surrounding GMO’s. They could easily Legalize it, without handing over this precious resource to a bunch of money hungry Fascists.

Ryan Thompson October 24 at 5:11pm

Ive not saw any evidence that the tobacco industry is in the slightest involved.

However, consider Oakland right now. They are already issuing large scale grow permits, without Proposition 19.  Prop 215 doesn’t protect you from capitalism.

Lets think about the Hemp Industry.  Prop 215 doesn’t give any platform for that.  Proposition 19 does.

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