Your my “friend” or are you?

I’ve mentioned in the past that often is the case when “facebook friends” are not really much of friends at all.  Most of my “Friends” on facebook I’ve never actually met.   Well recently, like within the last 24 hours, I noticed that I have lost about a half dozen or so “facebook friends”.

The problem is, when I got curious who the people were, I couldn’t figure it out.   Hmm..   Guess they weren’t friends at all.

However as of recently, I have carried out my plan to reduce my friends list as I spoke about in the past but didn’t have time to do.

If you are a “friend” who I have never met or really don’t have a relationship with, and you have insulted me without provocation, taken a really lame political stand and was upset at me that I didn’t follow the herd, or have talked shit behind my back but didn’t have the balls to say it in public, or to my face.  Well I have probably removed you, or I will be removing you.

I really don’t have time for 700 “friends” honestly, so if you feel like our relationship isn’t stellar, or if you simply don’t like me.  Please remove me.

I think Jared Allaway has the right idea honestly.   As does this man Brian Lobel.

I have several media outlets, and several ways to get ahold of me.  But Im tired of feeling awkward about sharing private details about myself and my family to a list of strangers.

We are having baby #3 soon, and the intimate details are not really for public spectacle.   So I have in fact got a separate facebook, and for this particular purpose.   But I still think those people with 50 dozen friends have way too much time on their hands!


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