Gun Control 2012 with Reverend Ryan December 23rd 2012

I have had this conversation over and over and over.  In my whole life I have never owned a gun.  I have fired guns, but I have never taken a gun home with me, purchased a gun, or assumed ownership of a gun.  NEVER.  I am not a felon and I have a full legal right to own a gun.  But I have chosen not to.  However I am 100% in favor of preserving the 2nd Amendment, and for the ability of gun owners or potential gun owners to own weapons that are powerful enough to defend against enemies domestic and abroad.

I believe that without guns, the American Revolution would have failed and we would still be subjects of a powerful and corrupt monarchy.   I thank God for guns and our rights to own them every day.

I think that much like Switzerland, if every American home had a gun in it, crime would go down DRASTICALLY.
If everyone carried guns, I think it would be the same thing.  Read up on Switzerland’s approach to gun control, and then look at their crime rates.

See this video to learn more about Switzerland

Then there are people who say if we eliminate guns, then people will be safer.  My argument for that is that people kill with all kinds of tools.  The tool is not the problem, its the motive and intent.  If someone is intent on killing someone, they will find a way (with or without a gun).   For example automobiles kill 3 times as many people per year as guns do, and a car can kill dozens of people all at once.  However these gun control advocates rarely (if ever) want to also ban automobiles.

This is the stats on automobile deaths:

To sum this up please see this video by Penn and Teller titled BULLSHIT:

For more on this conversation:

My video for Russ Belville last fall on gun control is at:

This is my video about knife laws in California:

Idaho to be first Chinese state  < see this proposal of how China wants to buy part of Idaho

This article came out just a few months ago on ABC about gun statistics (ownership);


Finally this is a video that I made today after having a conversation with Edward Forchion (NJ Weedman) about gun control.

Gun Control 2012 with Reverend Ryan December 23rd 2012

For NJ Weedman’s facebook link:


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  • Omissionary777

    I have one of those 80 pound pistil grip crossbows. they are pretty good. you can even rig the bolt tips to hold poisons or house hold draino.

  • buttedheads

    I watched a tutorial on YT for making explosive tips fairly easily.

  • AIexander

    I agree with this post 100%. All of America’s budget shouldn’t be put into War/Anti-drugs, nor should blame games or movies for violent acts. Their should be a Mental Health Care System to “fix”, and maybe some sort of “drug” that ease the stress and tension caused by life, if only the government wasn’t trying to ban that too…

  • i think the whole problem altogether is that we are trying to control a great too many things and the more we try to do that the more it costs administratively. So we bloat the gov’t, promise more unreasonable pensions that future generations will be stuck paying. The war on drugs, imprisoning people, gun control, military spending to control the world is all drying our country up financially and we have nothing left to spend on our infrastructure and services.

  • Luke Todd

    At least they blame war and abortion over violent video games.