What is xCannabis about?

It was a name that we decided for several reasons.

1.  There are very few cool cannabis domain names left.  At least cool domains that are .com’s which I prefer.  So xCannabis was decided on the following.

  • We (the webmasters Ryan and Kimberly) are followers of Christ, and things that are “Christian” can go by things like Xmas.  (i.e. the cross)
  • We see a representation of a multiplication symbol in the X of xCannabis.  To “to multiply knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant”
  • We are of ‘generation X”.

What we are about?

  • Our civil rights under the constitution
  • Raising our children in a free nation
  • We are active in voting pro-legalization and pro-Volunteerism policies
  • We express ourselves through visual, poetic and musical arts.  A lot of the designs on xCannabis.com are the work of either Ryan or Kim.
  • We enjoy socializing with other greenies and libertarians

Since xCann’s start in August 2008, we have grown and changed significantly.


If you have any suggestions on how xCannabis can become better, please email us:

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